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Pastry Chef and Founder

As a daughter of a culinary chef, Judy recalls spending hours with her dad in the kitchen to learn all the secrets of making traditional Asian dishes and desserts. She grew to love the culinary arts and soon realized her newfound passion. She displayed exceptional creative talent and after much praise and admiration for her cakes and pastries, Judy decided to turn this passion into a career.

Judy received her diploma in Classic Pastry Arts at the French Culinary Institute and worked as a pastry chef at the school's prestigious restaurant, L'Ecole as well as took on the coveted position of Cake Chef Instructor. With over 5 years of experience, she decided that it was time to start her own company and in 2006, Silk Cakes was launched. Judy takes great pride in her cakes and her achievements are a reminder of how a dream can turn into reality.

Silk Cakes, The Company

Founded in 2006, Silk Cakes offers premium customized wedding cakes and specialty cakes. The company is known for Asian inspired designs and unique flavor combinations. Its mission is to create the most memorable cakes, delivering in both exceptional design and taste.