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About Silk Cakes

Silk Cakes is a modern Asian inspired cake shop - taking American classics like cheesecakes and cupcakes and infusing them with Asian ingredients to create one of a kind desserts.

Chef Judy Lai

Chef Judy Lai never dreamed of a career as a pastry chef, despite her deep culinary roots—she spent her childhood in the kitchen with her father, a chef, and grandmother, a talented baker. Judy’s early cakes received rave reviews from her family and friends. However, baking was only a creative outlet and hobby, until a little “soul searching” led her to study pastry at night. Her dedication to her passion continued as she earned a classical pastry arts degree from the prestigious French Culinary Institute. She then worked full-time as a pastry chef at L’Ecole while concurrently started her own company, Silk Cakes. While still overseeing her company, she moved from pastry chef into the coveted position of cake instructor at the French Culinary Institute until 2013 when she decided to fully dedicate herself to Silk Cakes. Chef Judy’s commitment is evident in her attention to detail and care in all her gourmet cake creations. Through perseverance and hard work, Chef Judy had unexpectedly turned her passion into a career.